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Network Security

Module: Network Security
Course type
"Integrierte Veranstaltung" (i.e., lecture and exercise combined)
Contact hours
4h per week
Oral exam (graded)
Master (CS, CE, ISE)
Communication Systems, Distributed Systems and Networks
Basic knowledge of computer networking

Course description: In this course we discuss the security weaknesses and limitations of networks and its protocols. It covers introductory topics in computer and network security. This course is, however, not about "how to build a secure system" in the first place. Rather, it aims to foster critical thinking to identify and articulate potential threats---a quality that fundamental security research requires.

To this end, we will cover various attack vectors and discuss them in relation to specific adversary models. Examples include buffer overflows and shell code exploits, botnets and denial of service attacks, and security protocols such as Tor and Bitcoin. By doing this, students will develop the skills necessary to formulate and address security needs in modern network architectures.

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